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Participation in the City of San Antonio's Bonding Assistance and/or Mentor-Protégé Program is neither a guarantee of obtaining bonds or contracting opportunities, nor a promise of business. Rather, it is a means to foster positive, long-term, capacity-building skills for small business enterprises. The assistance provided by the Bonding Assistance/Mentor-Protégé Program affiliates is intended to improve business practices and offers no guarantee of financial gain. 

Applicant Assessment

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*Signature certifies the firm representative identified is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the firm and agrees to attend all portions of this Program, without substitution. Signature also certifies that information on all corresponding pages and attachments is true and accurate. In addition, signature certifies Mentors and Protégés meet the qualifications listed in the Bonding Assistance & Mentor-Protégé Program Guide.

Small Business Boot Camp Classes

The courses listed in the educational component chart are those which have been determined to be effective in increasing a company’s bond-worthiness and those geared toward general business capacity-building.

Examples of Small Business Boot Camp Classes

Professional & Other Services and Goods & Supplies Core Classes

  • Business Plan
  • Business Plan Financials
  • Access to Capital
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Legal

Electives (select three)

Construction and Architecture & Engineering Core Classes

  • Business Plan
  • Business Plan Financials
  • Access to Capital
  • Bonding/Risk Management
  • Safety

Electives (select three)