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Mentor Application

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Participation in the City of San Antonio’s Mentor Protégé Program is not a guarantee of contracting opportunities; nor is it a promise of business, but rather it is a means to foster positive long-term capacity building skills for small, minority and women-owned businesses. The assistance provided by the Mentor Protégé Program affiliates is to improve upon business practices and offers no guarantee of financial gain.

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Applicant Assessment

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1. Provide a brief company summary, including company profile, general and specialized operational areas of expertise, historical and recent activities and accomplishments in support of S/M/WBEs, operating history, any prior Mentor/Protégé relationship, etc.

2. Describe how the company will provide the necessary time and resources to ensure a successful Mentor/Protégé relationship. If lacking a presence in the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area (SAMSA), please list the communication channels to be used in meeting with a protégé if and when assigned one.

Applicant Assessment

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